Long and proud history

In 1936, 41-year-old Harald Aars Møller founded Strømmen Auto and lay the foundation for what has grown over the past 77 years into one of Northern Europe’s leading car groups with 3,600 employees. MøllerGruppen’s core operations are the import, sales and service of three strong car brands: Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda.

The Group also has a significant real estate portfolio totaling 325,000 m2, of which a large portion is related to car import and dealer operations in Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. MøllerGruppen is currently expanding its real estate investment to include real estate that is not related to car operations. The ambition is to double the real estate portfolio over the next few years.

MøllerGruppen’s goal is to create value for owners, customers, employees and partners.

Since Harald Aars Møller started his own car dealership in 1936 the core values, Honest and trustworthy – Proactive – Clear – Open-minded and caring, have played a central role.  Over the years, MøllerGruppen has sold a total of 1.250.000 cars in Norway, Sweden and the Baltics. Today, MøllerGruppen has more than 750,000 customers who are taken care of by 63 dealers in five countries. 

The business started with the contract to be the sole agent for Dodge in Norway. In 1946 the company changed its name to Harald A. Møller A/S, and the Volkswagen importer contract was signed in 1948. Audi became part of the Group in 1974, and Škoda in 1992. As the car operations grew, the Group expanded into car and commercial properties and financial investments.

The Group is still owned by the Møller family and the founder’s grandson, Harald Møller, is Chairman of the Board.

MøllerGruppen - chronological overview

Goals and values

Four core values have formed the platform for our growth, development and work since the company was founded. Our core values are strongly anchored in our employees and they are just as relevant in Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia as they are in Norway.

It is about living up to founder Harald A. Møller's ever relevant motto: "Keep to the straight and narrow road". Just as important as it is to do things properly, it is also important to make sure that working for MøllerGruppen is enjoyable, engaging and demanding. The core values contribute to positive attitudes and actions, which in turn create positive experiences for both colleagues and customers. MøllerGruppen's four core values are:

Being honest and trustworthy are the foundations for gaining the trust of customers and colleagues. Saying and standing behind your convictions is highly valued at MøllerGruppen. This also means that we should be reliable, keep our word and respect rules and agreements.

Clear roles with responsibility and authority are important if we are to achieve our goals. Clear communication is important for customers, partners and colleagues.

There is room at MøllerGruppen to challenge established truths. This is a prerequisite for being able to follow new roads and be action-oriented when developing contemporary work procedures.

We care and want to protect our co-workers, fellow men, customers and environment. MøllerGruppen's goal is to be protective, inclusive, generous, tolerant, flexible and unprejudiced. This will make every day a good day.

Ever since the company was founded by Harald A. Møller in 1936, our core values have been a cornerstone of the company. After 76 years these values are still just as relevant and important for us.


MøllerGruppen is a family-owned corporation that is organized into four business areas. Norway, Sweden and the Baltics are its main markets.

The corporate management consists of:

Terje Male
Chief executive officer (CEO)

Anna Nord Bjercke
Chief financial officer (CFO)

Ulf Tore Hekneby
Managing director Harald A. Møller AS

Petter Hellman
Managing director Møller Bil

Vidar Eriksen
Managing director Volkswagen Møller Bilfinans

Rune Simensen
Managing director Møller IT, Harald A. Møller AS

Karoline Hoff 
Chief Digital Officer

Håvard Andersen
Managing director Strategy & Business Development

Paul Hegna
Vice President Corporate Communication and CSR

Tryggve Magnussøn
Managing director HR

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of MøllerGruppen AS is led by Chairman of the Board Harald Møller, who, like his siblings, Jon Morten Møller and Anne Catrine Møller, is the third generation of the family to own the business.

The Board of Directors of MøllerGruppen AS consists of:

Harald Møller
Chairman of the Board and owner

Øyvind Schage Førde

Jon Morten Møller

Jacob Schram
CEO of Statoil Fuel & Retail

Kristin S. Genton
CFO of Reitangruppen AS

Tellef Thorleifson
Founder and Partner, Northzone

Terje Male
CEO of MøllerGruppen