Code of conduct

Møller Mobility Group has developed its own Code of Conduct to clarify our business guide lines. We have also implemented internal processes to spread the message and established clear routines for Whistleblowing.

Creates a good foundation

Møller Mobility Group is a company with traditions. Our strong foundation was established in 1936 by our founder, Harald Aars Moller. The core of our business ethics is based on his maxim: "Det gjelder å holde sin sti ren" (meaning: Stick to the rules).

This is a timeless expectation for all of us in Møller Mobility Group. The living rule forms the basis of our core values that describe the attitudes that should characterize Møller Mobility Group and how we work together to build a valuable and rewarding community.

Our core values are:

Honest & trustworthy

• Pro-active

• Open minded and caring

• Clear

Our Code of Conduct takes us further from our core values and over into the concrete business world where all employees should have an equal basis in order to make safe and appropriate choices. Møller Mobility Group grows and has operations in five countries; Norway, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. This requires a good foundation and daily vigilance and our ambition is to be best and largest in our markets. We will achieve this through hard work with a high degree of integrity and without challenging ethical guidelines and good business practice. This means that all employees in our organization will do their best to make decisions that are justifiable for Møller Mobility Group, the customers, the community - and themselves.

We have also joined the UN Global Compact. Global Compact is the UN's principles for responsible business, based on ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environment and anti-corruption, standards all responsible companies should follow. By joining the Global Compact the companies emphasize that one does its best to conduct its business in line with the ten principles.

At the end of 2020, the total number of employees in the group was 4.078, a decrease of 204 during the year. Sweden had 629 employees, the three countries in the Baltics a total of 553 and Norway 2.896 employees.

Supplier Code of Conduct