Our core values

Our four core values


Open-minded and caring

We care and want to protect our co-workers, fellow men, customers and environment. Møller Mobility Group's goal is to be protective, inclusive, generous, tolerant, flexible and unprejudiced. This will make every day a good day.


There is room at Møller Mobility Group to challenge established truths. This is a prerequisite for being able to follow new roads and be action-oriented when developing contemporary work procedures.


Clear roles with responsibility and authority are important if we are to achieve our goals. Clear communication is important for customers, partners and colleagues.

Honest and trustworthy

Being honest and trustworthy are the foundations for gaining the trust of customers and colleagues. Saying and standing behind your convictions is highly valued at Møller Mobility Group. This also means that we should be reliable, keep our word and respect rules and agreements.