Harald A. Møller Kompetansesenter

Harald A. Møller Kompetansesenter at Lillestrøm is the name of the unit for technical and non-technical training.

The time we go into requires that we adapt the organization to the best of our ability to raise the competence of the entire organization. In this context, it has been decided to merge technical and non-technical training to a joint training department. The department is called Harald A. Møller Kompetansesenter (Competence Center), and are located in Lillestrøm.

The Skedsmo Service School has been our internal training school for all technical training for all our models from our brands. In addition, technical training has been carried out for our customers and sellers.

The name "Service School" is phased out, and the distinction between technical and non-technical education is wiped out. By collecting all the resources that work with training in Harald A. Møller, we are even stronger in the development of the area in relation to the changes we face. The merger will also enable focus on digital training and development of new learning methods for more efficient raising of expertise in the chains.

Hyper Modern
The premises are bright and modern. Here it is bright, good with space, modern tools - all designed for effective learning. Harald A. Møller Competence Center is in the same building as our main warehouse.

The service school originated in the early 1950s as "Folkevogn Service-school". That time we were training on Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Transporter.